Steph Renshaw is an artist and illustrator driven by a love of the natural world.


Nature is the starting point which, combined with imagination, creates surreal narratives giving the work an extra dimension. Steph continues to experiment with new media such as bronze casting and animation to explore the fresh nuances and distinctive atmospheres that emerge with each process.

A significant portion of her childhood was spent playing outside, exploring the mountains and coast of Snowdonia in North Wales. This is where her love of nature originates and forms the basis of her aesthetic. Natural themes and representations appear throughout her work from ceramics to murals.

Since completing her pre- BA Diploma in Art and Design Steph went on to learn more about the source of her inspiration by completing a degree in Environmental Biology from Aberystwyth university. This has led her to combine her art skills with working in nature and with children in the capacity of a Forest School leader – sharing her love for nature with children in a hands-on and creative way. Steph has also worked with schools, wildlife trusts and conservation projects to provide environmental and nature based art workshops alongside her illustration work. She is continually drawn back into the art world, painting murals, illustrating children’s stories and working with clay. All of which she uses to express, share and illustrate her fascination with nature.

Steph relocated to St Werburgh’s, Bristol in 2010 and is inspired by the combination of nature and creativity that the area recognises and supports.

Steph is always happy to hear from people if they would like to collaborate on projects or commission pieces or workshops.

To get in touch with Steph please email: schteffaknee@yahoo.co.uk
Visit Steph’s main website for more information http://www.stephrenshaw.co.uk (Please not that the email address linked to the website is not yet active but the schteffaknee one is :))

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