Finished Mural!

After a year in the making I’m finally able to reveal the first glimpse of my ‘new’ mural!

in situe copy
(Click on the photo to see a bigger version)

The painting has yet to be framed and hung in place so there’ll be more photos to follow.

The rooms I’ve been painting in have all been too small to see more than three panels next to each other at any one time, so this was the first time any of us got to see the whole painting in one place! It was great to see how the whole composition works together. I’m really pleased with the result (despite how I might look on the photo!) and to my relief the staff were happy with it too!

final arthog mural medium

It was an absolute pleasure to work on a painting based in this area, celebrating the scenery and the amazing work of the staff. Delivering the painting meant I got to spend a weekend up there with friends amongst the beautiful scenery of the Mawddach estuary.

IMG_5268 cropped

Its been a huge project to complete with almost every minute of spare time being put into it, now its gone though I think i’ll miss it! So I’m really looking forward to the next project whatever that might be


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