It was hard to leave that campsite in a rush but we had a fair distance to travel and I was hoping we could get to the city well before dark. Perhaps Brad felt the same because he was cycling really fast for the whole 80kms! Maybe he was just excited? He was enjoying the smooth, fast, direct roads, I was terrified by the amount of traffic, it’s speed and their beeping horns. I was missing the country lanes of France but neither of us could find any logical looking alternative routes. I haven’t got photos because we did very little stopping. About 30 km from Barcelona Brad saw a path alongside a river and decided that it was worth a try – ‘all rivers lead to the sea’ we followed this for 10 refreshingly safe kilometers. When this deposited us on a road again we were just about to resign ourselves to it when a man stopped us and urgently began speaking and gesturing to us. We could only communicate one word – ‘Barcelona?’ and from this we gathered that if we followed the dirt track under the bridge we were on, it would take us the whole 20 kms remaining to the city. It seemed too good to be true and very unlikely since the track was really rough, bumpy and potholed but we trusted our interpretation of his ernest gestures and amazingly it worked! 


So here is the definitive photo of the day 🙂 and a nice way to end this trip. I am now the owner of a plane ticket from Barcelona to Bristol. Brad is heading back to New Zealand and I would have been on my own again so in a moment of weakness I bought the ticket. I haven’t travelled as far as I thought I would before I set off but I’ve travelled further than I expected to once I started!

The fast roads of Spain and my lack of any Spanish language put me off navigating on my own.

 The challenge of travelling alone was good for me but I much preferred to have company. Having someone who can encourage me to go that much further and take on hills that much higher made the trip much more of an adventure and having someone to camp with and chat to made it much more fun.

So we have spent a bit of time exploring the city and admiring some of the amazing buildings:







And now, as great a city as it is, I’m totally ready to leave!

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