Crossing the Pyrenees!

The last few days have been great! Brad is an excellent travel partner to have and though he’s faster than me I’m not too far behind  which is a relief. We’re covering ground fast and it’s a very different experience but I love it. 

 Here is our first glimpse of the Pyrenees!

It makes all the difference to have someone to share the views and the dull roads and the great ones and the busy ones and the vast amounts of chocolate and cheese and bread (and cookies and ice cream and fruit and veg and pasta we eat A LOT!) 


Riding along today I was struck by how much other people can help us achieve our goals without them even being fully aware of it. Brad thanked me for accompanying him today! But I am so grateful for being allowed to tag along with him! I would definitely not be on my way to Barcelona on my own. He has the ability to have unquestioning faith that somehow everything will turn out alright, we’ll find our way, there’ll be great views, we’ll cover massive distances and there’ll be a campsite open exactly when we want one. And so far this has miraculously been the case 🙂 

The road today was uphill for 60km and is a well used highway. I would not have enjoyed tackling it on my own with no one to share the pain or the reward but somehow with some one riding just ahead it’s fun. Even if they’re out of sight.

I do look rather delirious here…

Another very lovely thing is drivers waving, clapping and giving thumbs up signs as they pass! It’s the best! I wonder if they know just how much that helps? It changes the road from a threatening, cold, faceless place to a friendly and supportive one. And makes me feel brave, bold and accomplished to have utter strangers acknowledging my efforts!


Anyway I can’t imagine this is nearly as exciting to read about as when I feel helplessly lost and stressed! You’ll have to wait for Barcelona to get some of the juicy terrified Steph stuff! Brad will be flying back to New Zealand and I’m thinking about travelling on to Northern Spain so I can get a boat home. There’s sure to be some exciting stuff like a puncture half way up a mountain when I’m almost out of water on the wrong road  and an unseasonal blizzard picks up with the sound of not so distant wolves and inexplicable gun shots ringing out. That makes much better reading doesn’t it?:)

4 thoughts on “Crossing the Pyrenees!

  1. That’s complete nonsense steph, the terrified bits weren’t juicy or exciting. These happier faster fun stories are great to read. Its all appreciated, and inspiring without you even knowing about it : ) thanks for writing!

  2. hey steph! it’s great to see how far you got and how much you’re enjoying it!:)))
    i think about doing the same tour next year, you’re an inspiration, girl;)
    power to the pedal people!!!

    • Hey Christine, thanks so much for your message! It’s really encouraging to read stuff like that! I’m back now in the UK but I can’t wait to go off again, just gonna save up a bit first. If you go, I recommend the bit near the mountains in the south. In fact the area called La Drome looked amazing and I wished I was going to explore it more but I just kept to the route! Mountains are harder but worth it I thought – sure you know this already!
      All the best, let me know if you go off on adventure!
      Take care xx

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